Briar Desktop 0.6.0-beta released - blogs

We’re happy to announce that we were able to make another release for Briar desktop today. With version 0.6.0-beta, blogs are finally available on desktops, too. Follow this link to download the latest version: … Read more →

Briar Mailbox released to improve connectivity

Press release The Briar Project released a new Android app called Briar Mailbox today. Briar Mailbox is a helper app for Briar messenger that lets you receive encrypted messages from your contacts while Briar is offline. Next time Briar comes online … Read more →

Three security issues found and fixed

In February of this year, security researchers at ETH Zürich notified us that they had found three security issues in the Briar app. Two of these issues were fixed in version 1.4.22 of Briar, which was released in February. The third issue was fixed … Read more →

Briar Desktop got another round of funding

Briar Desktop got another round of funding So far, Briar is only available as an Android app, which is preventing some organizations that work in repressive environments from using it as a secure communications tool and considering it as a more … Read more →

Briar is available on Google Play again

Status update Update (February 28, 13:20 UTC): Briar is available on Google Play again. Briar was briefly removed from Google Play because we didn’t provide Google’s review team with a username and password for testing the app. We … Read more →