Download Briar Mailbox

Briar Mailbox is a helper app for Briar messenger that lets you receive encrypted messages from your contacts while Briar is offline. Next time Briar comes online it will automatically fetch the messages from your Mailbox.

Likewise, you can send encrypted messages to contacts who are offline, and the messages will be delivered automatically when your contacts come online.

To set up a Mailbox, simply install the Mailbox app on a spare Android device, link it with your Briar account by scanning a QR code, and leave the Mailbox device connected to power and Wi-Fi.

If you prefer not to use Google Play, you can install the app via F-Droid or download the APK file directly from our site.


Further information

If you’d like to be informed about future releases of our apps, please join the announcement mailing list.

If you’re interested in getting involved or following the progress of the project, please join the development mailing list or email [PGP key] .

All our software is open source - you can browse the source code or build the app from source.

A command-line version of the Mailbox is also available when building from source (currently only on Linux x86_64).