Download Briar Desktop for Linux

Briar Desktop is now available for download as .deb and .jar files for Linux operating systems.

We intend to support Windows and macOS in the future but are still working on this.

Thank you to everyone who has tested Briar Desktop and sent feedback! We’ve fixed a lot of bugs and made many improvements thanks to your feedback.

Latest Release: Briar Desktop 0.2.1-beta (11 May 2022)

Choose the appropriate version for your system, you only need one file:

If your system is not based on any of the distros above, you can download this jar file:

If you know how to use SHA-256 checksums you can check that the file you’ve downloaded matches the checksum below:

  • briar-desktop-ubuntu-20.04-0.2.1-beta.deb: dc45b40143635098af8238bfa4567166fbee9d638897a8d4ebde02bcb2b39110
  • briar-desktop-debian-bullseye-0.2.1-beta.deb: 0d99c548429481ebcdca45d473971700eb38853173e4fd9377f29f72edad697c
  • briar-desktop-ubuntu-18.04-0.2.1-beta.deb: 8401286a2f9fd1e171e7702b29ee1ba09ef8c7bdbf2831d3814746fa16b9412e
  • briar-desktop-linux-0.2.1-beta.jar: 900023fdb986bceb0da754ed76fae6163e60316b5c5db7cdbee4f71c0af80de4

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If you’d like to be informed about future Briar releases, or are interested in getting involved in the project, please join the community!

All our software is open source - you can browse the source code or build the app from source.

Briar Desktop

For a comparison of Briar’s Android app and the desktop client, see this table:

Feature Android Desktop
Private Chats ✔️ ✔️
Private Groups ✔️
Forums ✔️
Blogs ✔️
RSS feeds ✔️
Introductions ✔️ ✔️
Disappearing messages ✔️
Add contacts at a distance ✔️ ✔️
Add contacts nearby ✔️
Connect via Internet (Tor) ✔️ ✔️
Connect via LAN/Wi-Fi ✔️ ✔️
Connect via Bluetooth ✔️
Connect via removable drives ✔️
Tor bridges ✔️